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Founder of Presutti Counseling

we each have inner resources and abilities that can help us be well.

As a therapist (and as a person) my guiding philosophy stems from the strengths perspective. I work to honor the strengths and positive assets that are inherent within you.

Originally from the Metro Detroit area, I completed my undergraduate studies in sociology from Central Michigan University with extensive time studying abroad in Australia, Ireland, Japan, and South Africa. After moving to West Michigan in 2014, I completed two graduate degrees studying student development theory and professionally supported college students at Grand Valley State University. Then recognizing my true purpose as a psychotherapist, I completed my MSW degree while at Grand Valley to intentionally shift my career from higher education to the mental health field. I firmly believe I was always driven to be a mental health clinician. This is my life's calling and I feel honored when I am trusted and invited into the lives of others.

I was born with muscular dystrophy, but life in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m in the slow lane. My lifestyle is anything but ordinary and I never stop moving. I have tried adaptive waterskiing, parasailing, horseback riding, snowmobiling and more – I’m game for anything but rollercoasters (tried them, no thanks!) – I can tell you about my adventurous safari travels, feeding kangaroos and hippos abroad, or the beauty of Alaskan glaciers. Now settled in West Michigan, you can find me swimming on the weekends or snuggled near a fireplace working on my never-ending idea-list. Think my life is easy? No way. Muscular dystrophy is no walk in the park (literally), but since birth, I have adapted my body and circumstances in such profound ways that flexible thinking, coping, and resourcefulness have become second nature to me.

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People say that I’m down to earth and genuine – I would say I’m unique and goofy. I drink hot chocolate all year round, I listen to old songs on repeat for hours, I don’t like bacon or Taco Bell (yes, I have tried them), and I love to watch old TV sitcoms. I like to be in control but I recognize life doesn’t always work that way. I value memory books, fast Internet, beach sunsets, my heated blanket, and anything from Bath & Body Works. Relationships matter greatly to me. I will do whatever it takes to creatively find a solution to a problem. I am a human. Sometimes I have productive days, lazy days, and days where I don’t know which end is up. I’m doing my best.

I like meeting new people.

I want to meet you.


I support dialogue surrounding self-acceptance and empowerment, but at my core I appreciate the difficulties of managing emotional pain and seek to honor wherever you may be in your journey.

Above all, I consider it a privilege and an honor to be a therapist, and I continue be inspired by the bravery, insight, and resiliency of those with whom I engage.

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